If you do not have a will, then your assets are divided as set out by law which invariably is not what you wish to happen.

If property is owned jointly, then it will become the property of the survivor on first death automatically.

If circumstances are such that you have to consider excluding someone from benefit, then the reasons have to be considered carefully. A note and any supporting documents should be left with the will, so that the reasons are known. Generally, we prefer that any such reasons are not put into a will. The reason is that wills become public documents and you normally would not wish to have them open to public knowledge. If there is a dispute later and Court involvement is needed, the facts may become public knowledge.

Divorce or marriage does affect will content.

It is not uncommon that people fail to take full advice about the impact of this especially about the necessity to check that a court order has been obtained to settle all financial and property claims. If this does not happen, then years later, it can be referred to the Court for an order to be made.

A will should be considered alongside any appropriate tax planning.

Powers of Attorney

Illness or accident can rob us of our mental faculties. A Lasting Power of Attorney will enable us to plan ahead as to how we should be looked after or our businesses run when we are unable able to make decisions. This needs to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian, which takes some weeks. If there is some urgency, a Power of Attorney can be completed immediately, but will stop being valid if the person making it loses their faculties

Tax Planning

We are happy to offer this service which gives the opportunity to look at ways and means to reduce its scope and liability.


Depending on circumstances, these may be right for you, not only for tax planning but also for measures to care for any dependents, whether children (or as yet unborn), adults who may have special needs or charitable objects.

Family Breakdown

This is normally thought of as Divorce and Separation. This also applies to other situations such as disputes about inheritances. Illness can entail reviewing current arrangements.

Estate Administration

We help clients in all aspect of Estate Administration to obtain Probate or Letters of Administrati0n. We help them to pay all debts and legacies and to distribute the assets in accordance with the will or pursuant to entitlement under intestacy rules.

Care Home fees

We help clients who may need guidance on planning ahead.

If you already have paid or paying for care home fees, it may be possible to claim reimbursement.

Everyday lives

Our services enable clients to continue with their everyday lives by supporting them to comply with their legal obligations in respect of whatever work they have placed in our hands. All circumstances are individual, so we are always happy to discuss needs and help you making decisions and initially without any commitment to use our services.